Launch Podkite Dashboard


Setup your web tracker

Determine how many web/app visitors origin from a specific podcast.


Install the JavaScript tracker on your website in the HTML <head> section. It is very similar to your GoogleAnalytics, Mixpanel, etc installation.

 <script>(function (p, o, d, k, i, t, e){if (!p[i]){p.GlobalPodkiteNamespace=p.GlobalPodkiteNamespace || []; p.GlobalPodkiteNamespace.push(i); p[i]=function (){(p[i].q=p[i].q || []).push(arguments);}; p[i].q=p[i].q || []; t=o.createElement(d); e=o.getElementsByTagName(d)[0]; t.async=1; t.src=k; e.parentNode.insertBefore(t, e);}})( window, document, "script", "", "podkiteTrack" ); </script>


Initialize the tracker with your Web Track Token found in Analytics => Setup in your Podkite dashboard.

podkiteTrack('tracker', 'v1', '', { 
  postPath: '/web/v1/'


Page View

Page views are tracked using the trackPageView method.


Custom Event

You may wish to track a custom event to measure conversion rates or similar. There are five parameters can be associated with each structured event.

podkiteTrack("trackStructEvent", {
  category: "my_category",
  action: "my_action",
  label: "my_label",
  property: "my_property",
  value: 150.0,