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Embed Reviews

Easily embed your latest podcast reviews into your website. Configure the minimum rating and colors in order to fit your brand.

How to

1. Add the embed script

This needs to be done only once.

If you have not done it already: How to add the Podkite embed script

2. Place the review tag

Head over to your reviews dashboard and configure the review embed tag.

Everywhere where you want the reviews to show up, insert the HTML <podkite-reviews> tag. This can be for example in the middle of a blog post, on a landing page, or on an episode page.

HTML code example:


Above example results in the below list of the latest (only 5-star) reviews:

iFrame alternative

For Wix, Squarespace, and similar website builders, it may be more convenient to use iFrames instead of the faster and more modern custom element tag mentioned in 2).

Available options can be added as query parameters to the src URL of the iFrame. For example, you’d need to add &limit=2 to the iFrame URL in order to get 2 reviews displayed.

  width="800" height="350"

Above example results in the below player:

Reach out and we’ll help if you experience any issues while embedding your reviews.