Launch Podkite Dashboard


Available options

kitelinkThe key of the created Kitelink for a specific episode.
compactShows a compact version of the player.
track-downloadsTracks download numbers and shows it in your dashboard.
theme="light"Shows the player with a white background in a minimalistic style.
utm-campaign="my-campaign"Sets the utm_campaign value of all links.
autoplaySets the HTML <audio> autoplay attribute.
loopSets the HTML <audio> loop attribute.
preloadSets the HTML <audio> preload attribute.
mutedSets the HTML <audio> muted attribute.

HTML code example:


Above example results in the below player:

iFrame alternative

For Wix, Squarespace, and similar website builders, it may be more convenient to use iFrames instead of the faster and more modern HTML tag. You won't need to add the embed script for that.

Available options can be added as query parameters to the src URL of the iFrame. For example, you’d need to add &theme=light to the iFrame URL in order to get the player in a light theme.

HTML code example:

  width="800" height="260" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media">

Don’t forget to replace “pk-news-rode” with your Kitelink.

Above example results in the below player: