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Channel/Episode conversions

Automatically convert a channel-level link to an episode link

We often need to create a link to an episode before the episode got released.

Think about:

  • Writing a blog post and linking to the episode.
  • A marketing agency that prepares social media content and wants to include the episode link.
  • Embedding a web player into the episode page of your website as a preparation for the episode launch.

    How to

    Create a channel-level podcast Kitelink to your show. This link will get converted to an episode link once the new episode got released.


2. Activate the Auto-Convert feature

In the "Appearance" Tab of your newly created Kitelink, activate the Auto-Convert feature. By default, it will convert with the next published episode.

3. [optional] Specify an episode title match term

Optionally, specify a term and the Kitelink will only convert if the future episode title partly includes the specified term. Click on “Converts with the next episode“ to open the dialog.



Specified termFuture episode titleLink will convert
An in-depth interview with GabeYes (always with an empty term)
interview with gabeAn in-depth interview with GabeYes
gabe is hereAn in-depth interview with GabeNo
regex::interview \w+ GabeAn in-depth interview with GabeYes (regular expression support)[]